About me

About the Artiste

Deepali Sinha is a computer professional turned chutti artist. She has always been inclined towards creative arts because of her passion and desire to do something exclusive. Best known as First North Indian Kathakali Makeup Artiste is trained and certified kathakali chutti artiste from ‘The International Centre for Kathakali’ Delhi. Her Guru’s are Shri Kalamandalam Parakandy Kunhikrishanan & Kalanilayam Nitheesh.

Social Contribution

She is the founder of PAN India NGO, Waste Management and Recycling Society (WMARS). As an artist, she believes in well being of humans & look forward to creating the best environment for everyone. She stretches out her potential in every field wherever she can. Believe in meaningful responsibility to have a clean environment. She believes that a human, as long as he/she lives, should fulfil the will of nature and make it worth living for coming generations. She is effectively working in this area to give awareness and training sessions related to plastic waste management.

Area of work

She believes in leading a colourful life and wants to spread these beautiful colours to explore and expand the cultural heritage of kathakali. She gives a live demonstration of chutti makeup & takes classes. Also, works on national and international platforms. She has this notion of reviving and rejuvenating Indian culture art forms and executes her ideas and notion by curating kathakali festivals which includes Kathakali dance performance as well other Indian classical dances.